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Featured Books recommended by!

Lob Trees in the Wilderness -The Human and Natural History of the Boundary Waters Highly recommended by canoe guide Chad Jones from
by Clifford and Isabel Ahlgren and Evan Jones

You must get and read this book! The classic account of human impact on this vast wilderness area, now back in print by popular demand!

Along the Minnesota-Ontario border, in the days of voyageurs, tall trees were used as guideposts in the uncharted wilderness to help fur traders and explorers find their way through the maze of lakes and portages. Branches were cut, leaving the middle of the tree bare with branches above and below. Clifford and Isabel Ahlgren, two of the most knowledgeable ecologists of the area, use nine native trees to serve as lob trees for this book, an ecological history of human activity in the Quetico-Superior wilderness area. [more info]

Cache Lake Country: Life in the North Woods
by John J. Rowlands, Verlyn Klinkenborg (Introduction), Henry B. Kane (Illustrator)

A vivid and faithful chronicle of life in the great Northern Forest and a storehouse of valuable information on woodcraft and nature. Over half a century ago, John Rowlands set out by canoe into the wilds of Maine to survey land for a timber company. After paddling alone for several days--"it was so quiet I could hear the drops from the paddle hitting the water"--he came upon "the lake of my boyhood dreams." He never left. He named the place Cache Lake because there was stored the best that the north had to offer--timber for a cabin; fish, game and berries to live on; and the peace and contentment he felt he could not live without. Cache Lake Country exemplifies the classic American notion that what is most worth finding lies far from the tracks of civilization, and that what is most worth doing demands resourcefulness and wit. Here is folklore and philosophy, but most of all wisdom about the woods and the inventiveness and self-reliance they demand. The author explains how to make moccasins, barrel stoves, lean-to shelters, outdoor bake ovens, sailing canoes, and hundreds of other ingenious and useful gadgets, all illustrated in the margins with 230 enchanting drawings by Henry B. Kane.

Chased By The Light
Jim Brandenburg (Photographer), Rita Marshall 

Award-winning nature photographer Jim Brandenburg gave himself a challenge--for 90 days between the autumnal equinox and the winter solstice, he would take only one photograph each day. This exquisite book is the result of that bold and immensely personal project as he witnesses the cycle of nature near his home in the northwoods of Minnesota. 90 color photos. 

Many other Brandenburg titles here

The Boundary Waters Wilderness Ecosystem
Miron "Bud" Heinselman

The definitive guide to the natural history of this area. The Boundary Waters region, a vast wilderness of quiet beauty that stretches 115 miles along the border of Minnesota and Ontario north of Lake Superior, has become a favorite destination of nature lovers everywhere. This book is the first comprehensive guide to the geology, biology, and ecology of this unspoiled and fascinating area.
Reviewed by the publisher, University of Minnesota Press

Gunflint Lodge Cookbook
Elegant Northwoods Dining - by Ron Berg, Sue Kerfoot

The Gunflint Lodge is one of Minnesota's premier resorts because of its close location to the Boundary Waters and Quetico Park, warm hospitality, and access to some of the finest fishing in the world. Visitors come from across the country not just for the outdoor activities, but for the food served in its rustic lodge.  Whether it's Opening Day Walleye Fillets with Morel Mushroom Cream Sauce, or Roast Breast of Chicken Pistache with Blackberry Sauce, the Gunflint's elegant menu, featured recently in Bon Appétit, Men's Journal and Midwest Living, has won acclaim for inventiveness and sense of northwoods style.

A Season With Eagles
by Scott Nielsen

An incredible book about our national symbol the bald eagle. Scott spent everyday for many months watching and photographing a nesting pair of eagles from high up in a white pine. His fabulous color images depict the eagle activities from early courtship, to egg laying and raising the young eaglets, he even had to remove a fishing lure and line from one of the young birds. A highly recommended read.

A Camper's Guide to Ontario's Best Parks - includes Quetico Park
by Donna Carpenter

The definitive guide for the thousands of Americans who enjoy camping in Ontario. This informative insider's guide to forty-four parks located throughout Ontario rates each according to their scenic beauty, size, privacy, interpretive programs, potential for diverse outdoor activities, and local attractions.

Featured Authors from!

Patricia Bell offers a canoe camping guide, from the planning stages, to fishing, health and safety, food planning, weather forecasting, and even recipes and paddling techniques. 

Bob Beymer has written several guidebooks about Canoe Country, including three definitive route guides for the area.

Fran, Nadine, Les and Craig Blacklock well known for superb photography of the Minnesota, Michigan, Wisconsin and Canada regions. 

Jim Brandenburg began his career as a natural history photographer and film maker while majoring in studio art at the University of Minnesota, Duluth. He went on to become Picture Editor at the Worthington Daily Globe in southern Minnesota. While at the Daily Globe, Brandenburg began freelancing for National Geographic Magazine.

Ken Brower Ken Brower and Photographer Raymond Gehman found the Boundary Waters to be a canoe trip of a lifetime. National Geographic Society. Section about BWCA and Superior National Forest.

Bob Cary has illustrated and written a number of wonderful books. Some are written with Sam Cook, Duluth News-Tribune writer.

Earl Fleck A canoeing and camping trip in Canada's Quetico Provincial Park, twelve-year-old Danny finds his strength and courage tested as he pushes himself to keep up with his father and older brother.

Cliff Jacobson has a whole collection of books about canoeing, camping and outdoor navigation.

Justine Kerfoot reflecting from the Gunflint Trail and the Boundary Waters.

Mike Link/Kate Crowley Well known Minnesotan writers and active Canoe Country paddlers.

Peter Leschak writes from his heart in a strong narrative style. 

Teresa Marrone is an accomplished cook who specializes in wild game. She is also an avid angler and hunter. From springtime morel mushroom gathering and walleye fishing, through fall grouse, deer, antelope and other hunting seasons, Teresa spends a great deal of time afield in her home state of Minnesota and other states. Teresa also teaches game and fish preparation and cooking for the prestigious Becoming an Outdoors-Woman program, and has been the primary author or consultant on five other outdoor-related cookbooks

Sigurd Olson's reflections on the Superior-Quetico region are unmatched. Olson worked hard to preserve the wilderness.

Shawn Perich has become a very familiar name when it comes to outdoor expertise, Shawn's books are some of Minnesota's best selling books.

Will Steger from Ely, Minnesota. A renowned polar explorer, travels by dogsled or canoesled in the arctic.

More excellent selections from well-known authors, including Kevin Proescholdt, Justine Kerfoot, and Mike Link.

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