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Boundary Waters Canoe Area Hiking Guide™

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Hike The BWCA Trails...

Canoe Country offers a variety of distinctive hiking trails. While you may think of the area as the ultimate place to canoe, hiking will provide a great degree of solitude and a great outdoor experience.


Name of Hiking Trail Fisher Map # Entry Point No. No. of Overnight Permits/Day Nearest
Forest Office
Miles From
Angleworm Trail F9 21 2 Ely


Big Moose Lake Trail F9 76 Unlimited Ely


Border Route Trail Center F13 82 2 Grand Marais


Border Route Trail East F14 83 3 Grand Marais


Border Route Trail West F13 81 1 Grand Marais


Devil's Cascade / Sioux Hustler Trail F16 15 Unlimited Cook


Disappointment trail F31 or F10 and F11 74 2 Ely 3
Eagle Mountain Trail F7 79 2 Grand Marais


Herriman Lake Trail F15 13 Unlimited Cook


Kekekabic Trail West F10
74 2 Ely 3
Kekekabic Trail East F10
56 2 Grand Marais


Norway Trail F8 10 Unlimited Cook


South Lake Trail F13 59, 60 if paddling 1 Grand Marais


Pow Wow Trail East F4 86 Unlimited Isabella


Pow Wow Trail West F4 74 4 Ely


Snowbank Trail F31 or F10 and F11 74 2 Ely



To order a permit for entry dates from May 1 through September 30 use an outfitter or order your own permit on the BWCAW Reservations Web siteSelf-Issued Permits - Free of Charge (Entry dates from October 1 through April 30 ONLY) You do not need to pay for a permit. You only need to complete a free self-issue permit, pick one up from any Ranger Station or entry point.


Accommodations close to the hiking trails

Learn more about Boundary Waters History

Travel Ethics for the Boundary Waters and Quetico Park Area

The Kekekabic Trail Club needs your help to maintain the Trails of the Superior National Forest.

For more information on hiking the Superior Hiking Trail which is NOT in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, please visit their web site.



Boundary Waters Canoe Area Web site
Boundary Waters Canoe Area Web site
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Published from the edge of the Boundary Waters
Canoe Area by Chad Jones

Updated November 18, 2015

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